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The Client

The Brief

Completely overhaul The Guardian Holiday website to make responsive and on brand. Increase conversion and decrease checkout drop out.

Consulting, Strategy, Information Architecture, Wireframing, UX, UI, Ecommerce, Conversion Rate Optimisation


Increase in site conversion


Increase in unique visitors


Session duration
Transforming The Guardian traveller's booking experience to increase conversion

I worked with The Guardian on a previous project transforming their online bookshop to draw it inline with their new brand identity and make fully responsive to meet the expectations of the modern user. My designs for the bookshop were such a success, achieving 102% uplift in sale, that I was briefed to carry out the same transformation to their holiday site. Their current site was performing quite poorly and the information architecture, user journeys and checkout process needed a complete overhaul if the site was going to perform as well as to be expected of a major brand.

"The implementation of the brand on The Guardian Holidays site is a perfect example of how it should be done. All future brand products should follow this diligence."

Adding intuition to and removing friction from the user journeys to increase conversion

Introducing elements that guided the user down an intuitive journey and removing any obstacles in between the user and the completion of checkout was critical to increasing the enjoyment of using the site and maximising conversion. I optimised the site by adding elements that offered a quicker route to preferred areas and introduced content that reassured the user at critical buying points to reduce drop out. I also reconstructed the checkout process to remove any unnecessary steps to make it clearer, quicker and less stressful to complete.

"The new Guardian Holiday site is now fit to survive and flourish in an industry where the modern digital user expects to be seduced and wowed at every step of their journey."

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