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+RAR Digital Awards Grand Prix 2016


+RAR Digital Awards Web Design 2016


Wirehive 100 Most Respected Agency 2016
Creating an emotional point of difference in a mercilessly competitive digital space

Four and a half years ago, Lab, then Lab Lateral, were originally a technical company and, having partnered on a project together before with a previous company, they brought us in to lead the studio in which they could nurture a more creative offering. The brand over the next four years evolved, developing a personality at each growth step. About three years ago we introduced a brand focus - of creating A Better Experience. A Better Experience for our clients through our consultancy, their customers through our products and each other through our culture. All we had to do then was work out HOW to create this Better Experience...

"A Better Experience is a mantra that the whole company lives by. Through our services, products and culture, we look to improve the lives of our clients, their customers and each other."

Understanding humans to create elegant, emotional and personal communication

To create deeply engaging experiences we need deep emotional insight. Working very closely with Daryll Scott (Human Technologist and NLP Expert) we created workshops, processes and language to implement the psychological strategies needed to extract this key information. Through these workshops we were able to form an empathetic art direction and strategy to create messaging that drove intrinsic motivations of the user. We would then crystallise the user experience with highly engaging visuals, fine-tuning the flow, saliency and micro-interactions to increase engagement and maximise conversion.

"Elegant Communication celebrates the need to be beautifully succinct in a world of limitless communication.Our ideas need to be confident, relevant and personal."

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