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The Client


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in abandonment


Sitecore Experience Awards 2014

The Brief

Transform Reed Learning user experience to make responsive and more inspiring to increase engagement and maximise conversion.

Consulting, Strategy, Art Direction, Information Architecture, Wireframing, UX, UI, Ecommerce, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Photography

Creating a vibrant and personalised user experience to engage and convert

To be able to talk directly to Reed's customers effectively, we needed to know what drives them and what influences their buying decisions. I ran a series of personas workshops that segmented the target audience, outlining common motivations and concerns in order to create messaging that resonated emotionally and a site architecture that was elegant. Using personalisation, I was able to create user journeys that were highly relevant to each persona, increasing engagement and maximising conversion.

"Being able to personalise the messaging and content depending on who is navigating the site is going to transform the way people talk and interact with online consumers."

Creating vibrant imagery to transform the tone of voice and impact of Reed's marketing

I art directed a photoshoot to provide Reed with a much more contemporary tone of voice and dynamic brand personality. I selected the models and locations and worked closely with a photographer to produce hundreds of pictures that were vibrant, modern and relevant to the target market. Reed now have a library of fresh imagery to update all of their future marketing materials.

"Getting the tone just right between professionalism and approachability was key to making this shoot a success. The Reed Team are all so happy to have an amazing image library!"

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