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The Client


Increase in sales calls


Increase in conversion


Increase in session duration

The Brief

Create a mini commercial and an intuitive user experience that delivers a compelling message to increases engagement and maximises conversion rates.

Consulting, Strategy, Information Architecture, Art Direction, Wireframing, UX, UI, Ecommerce, Video, Photography, Conversion Rate Optimisation

Using video and cutting edge UX to transform how Sage Pay engage with consumers

In order to engage people with a subject that could be relatively emotionless we had to transform the way Sage Pay were communicating. To deliver content that was more meaningful to each vastly different persona (consumer, corporate and developer) I had to create an intuitive information architecture and separate the user very early on to create user journeys that were relevant to them, displaying content that solved their individual problems. 

"The new website has absolutely transformed the way Sage Pay looks at how digital media can be utilised to engage a customer and guide them along a journey that's personal and relevant."

Developing and directing a commercial to transform the impact of Sage Pay's marketing

To bring Sage Pay up to current UX trends they briefed me to produce a mini commercial for the website. I created a script that communicated that key benefits to the consumer, storyboarded the narrative, selected models, voice over and locations for the shoot and directed the whole process through to production. The final product had an immediate impact on the overall success of the site - not only did it look brilliant Sage Pay received 157% increase in sales calls.

"The new imagery and video look stunning in context and the message they deliver has meant a massive increase in online enquiries and sales calls - which is what it is all about!"

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