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Unifying a disparate set of brands under one verbal and visual identity to build equity

Berkhamsted School had acquired a number of schools and needed to bring a consistency and sense of unity to them all. To find the commonalities between the schools I ran a research phase interviewing parents, teacher and students to discover what their current perception of the brand experience was. Together with findings from the persona workshops I was able to highlight thematic experiences that unified the schools and specialisms that were unique to some.

"Berkhamsted is steeped in history but also has a fervent focus on the future. Finding the balance between past, present and future was key to creating the right tone of voice."

Creating a mathematically perfect rose that could stand the test of time

The tudor rose was synonymous with Berkhamsted School Group and featured in many of the sub brands. The roses, however, were all different and some illustrative depictions appeared dated. In order to create a contemporary rose that was future proof, I created a grid to produce a clean, geometric and mathematically perfect rose so it would keep it's strong appearance for years to come.

"There were two elements that just had to be championed above all else - the rose and the date. Balanced with the beautiful typography, the logo is classic, simple and beautifully strong!"

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