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Creating a verbal and visual identity that reflects the true nature of the brand

Exec View needed to create a brand experience that was reflective of the high value service they offered. Exec View offer incredible insight and high level perspectives into complex data and present it in a simple easy to process view. They must appeal to both business leader who require this insight to make clear and bold strategic decisions and also project/programme managers who need the tools and support to maintain full control over multiple projects to make clearer tactical choices.

"The branding you have created is inspirational. We now have something beautiful we can all be proud to share with our clients. You are now officially on my hero list!"

Finding the perfect balance through symbolism and language

One of the challenges with this project was creating a brand that would work for 3 key groups. The business leaders want a high value, sophisticated consultancy, the project managers want a clear simple set of tools and support and the potential talent wanting a vibrant and ambitious company to work for. The key to making a this complex is to find a commonality between the groups and championing this as a direction for the brand messaging. We can then start to tailor and adjust assets such as content and tone of voice to beging to resonate more closely with each of the separate personas.

"A brand experience is the sum of all parts. It's the perfect harmony between behaviour, tone of voice, visuals and products that create an association with this brand."

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