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Championing real stories of hope to emotionally engage a busy audience

Hope for Children had incredible content that at times was being lost amongst very informative self promoting content. We changed their strategy to focus on what the audience truly engages with, the real stories. This is a perfect example of where we adopted Elegant Communication. We stripped out the content that wasn't needed and restructured the communication hierarchy to deliver a narrative that unfolded as a story and left the reader curious to find out more.

"From where the brand was to where it is now is a remarkable step up. Hope for Children now communicates with its audience in a far more emotive and compelling way."

Charging the content with neurolinguistic principles to increase emotional engagement

Hope for Children always had a fantastic positive tone of voice and great content but the stories were written as quite factual accounts. We created a story telling structure and advised them on the use of language to make the stories come across as more engaging, more curious and more heartfelt. These stories have now been used in various marketing campaigns and even featured at a charity ball - giving a very emotional focus to the evening.

"Championing the stories of hope was simple but clever strategy. Focusing on the content that people emotionally engage with means they are not only reading the content but acting on it."

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