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The Client

The Brief

Trasform the Hemsley Fraser digital experience to reflect the ethos and personality of the physical learning experience to increase conversion rates.

Consulting, Strategy, Information Architecture, Art Direction, Wireframing, UX, UI, Ecommerce, Conversion Rate Optimisation


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in registrations


Increase in average order value
Transforming Hemsley Fraser's booking experience to increase conversion

Professional development and e-learning leaders Hemsley Fraser were looking to transform the way they communicated online and maximise their ability to convert through the website. Their old website was 'all things to all people' and I helped to completely restructure the way they thought about online communication. I created personas and restructured the information architecture so they could start creating user journeys that were tailored to each segmentation of their audience.

"Hemsley Fraser were desperate to have a digital experience that reflected the ethos and personality of the company, something vibrant, innovative and dynamic.They got it."

Bringing the exciting and quirky physical learning experience to the digital space

Hemsley Fraser are renowned in the learning industry for being innovative and while in their offices and new digital learning tools this was reflected, their website needed a complete revamp. I edited some video footage they had to produce an inspiring full screen video background to offer a flavour of what the physical experience was like. I then split the users early on to give individuals, looking for learning solutions for themselves, and managers, looking for their team members, a highly personalised and relevant experience.

"The UK website has been such a success both internally and with customers - so popular that Hemsley Fraser in Germany and the US want to use this digital experience for their own website."

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