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Uplift in online sales


Subscribers in first 3 months


Reduction in checkout abandonment
Putting the creative control back into the hands of the Artists.

Artists and creators of all kind are struggling to stay afloat in a world of...

"Uncompromising Creativity as an idea has galvanised everyone involved at The Floor. It's an idea the artists, the team and the supporters can really get behind."

Empowering & enabling Creators of All Kinds with the space, tools & support they need to make their passion pay.

With small value purchases like books, there was a massive opportunity to make quick wins from a conversion rate optimisation perspective. Streamlining the checkout process and optimising for mobiles was key to making huge leaps in online sales. We optimised the site by adding elements that offered a quicker route to preferred areas and introduced content that reassured the user at critical buying points to reduce drop out. We also reconstructed the checkout process to remove any unnecessary steps to make it clearer, quicker and less stressful to complete.

"With the backing and marketing of the master brand, there is no reason why The Guardian Bookshop can't be a major online player in selling books."

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